Academic Information

The academic session begins in mid-April (the first week of Baisakh), and is completed by the third week of March of the following year (the second week of Chaitra). The academic session is divided into four terms, and each term ends with the conduct of the terminal examination. Unit tests account for ten (10) percent, and the terminal examinations carry 90 percent of the marks. The final result is prepared on the basis of average marks obtained throughout the four terms.

Information about examination schedules, important activities/events and holidays are clearly mentioned in the school calendar. Parents are required to follow the schedule strictly. They will also be notified in writing if any changes are made in the schedule due to any circumstances.



Spacious, dustless & greenery play-ground for different games and sports events.

Science LAB

e have physics, Chemistry, Biology LABs for practical & Research work.


We provide transportation facility to students residing far from school who commute via our school's vehicles daily.

Computer LAB

There is modern computer LAB with internet. Our computer LAB is well maintained with new technology computers.

First Aid Section

We have a separate medical department for First Aid.

Montessori LAB

We have completely adopted Montessori Method backed by enough materials with real objects.


We have a library with piles of books from diverse genres for the purpose of learning.


We have also eLibrary for the purpose of internet related learning.

Academic Excellence

We have an experienced teaching staffs with dedication and grit rendering their services in the development of the students.


We have completely adopted Montessori Method backed by enough materials with real objects.


We conduct regular trainings on three levels viz. teachers, students and guardians that help to bridge the gap among them.

Resources and Facilities

Two Labs With



Three Well Equipped


Science Lab

Two Libraries With